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Tuesday evenings 5-7:30
Wed. evenings 5-7:30


Class fee for 4 weeks - $140
Class fee for 3 months - $250






Beginning & Advanced Mosaic Classes


mothFind yourself oddly attracted to BLING-BLING? Ever felt like smashing things? Ready to go beyond paper? If so, this is the workshop for you. At the end of the month you will be well experienced and have a vast knowledge of the mosaic world and the techniques you need to make just about anything covered in brightly colored glass and tile. Our project will be an insect (butterfly, dragonfly, firefly, moth, etc.) of your design or choosing. I wIll teach you the best way to create gorgeous patterns and compositions using fabulous colored opaque glass. We will learn about the best products to create long lasting and beautiful mosaics both indoors and out. You will fall in love with the intensity of the medium and take great pride in creating something so permanent. I promise you will find the class to be extremely cathartic and satisfying.

Saturday, March 14

Beaded bottle


Beaded Bottle


I can’t help but be a little giddy about this art form.

In this class we learn the art of mosaicking with beads. This adds a new level of texture and charm to our mosaic pieces. Our substrate will be bottles but this method of application can be used in many different disciplines. I provide all materials you will need to complete your project though you are welcome to bring any special charms, jewels or trinkets. We learn about the best new adhesive and techniques for application that will change how you create art. Since discovering this method it has become a favorite of mine and my students. Pull out all those great beads you have in your drawers and come join the fun.


Potluck and homemade bread.

Cost $140. Information to come.

June 6 & 7


Journal Extravaganza

Two-day-Travel-Art-Journal-Making-Drawing-Painting Extravaganza!!!!!


This is perhaps the most important class I have the pleasure of teaching. Daily Meditation through art journaling has become an extremely important part of my life and this 2-day class will help you begin the journey of telling your story through Right-brain drawing, collage, zentangling and more, more, more. Day one will be construction. You learn how to tear high-quality paper into signatures that are sewn together to create your custom journal. Then we begin to sharpen our observation muscles with drawing exercises. We learn the basics of watercolor and play with transfers, collage and cornucopia of creative media. The results will be a journal that is your new best friend. I can't recommend this class enough for people really ready to take on a new level of creativity.


Price of $240 includes all materials. Bring your own favorite watercolor set and drawing pen.

June 13 & 14



Heart with Wings



Garden Sculpture

Garden SculptureThis class is only offered twice a year and is a real favorite. In this 2- day session students learn about the materials and techniques needed to create their own garden sculpture ready to mosaic. The class includes instruction, handouts, demonstration, and all the materials needed to transform your foam sculpture into a sturdy exterior-ready art piece. Then we get to work!!



Class is $250 and includes all materials and tools such as foam, netting, concrete mix, accouterments for structure, hot wire cutters, shavers and so much more. Students must bring their imagination, grunge clothes, rubber gloves and a great sense of adventure. This class covers structure only. Completed piece will be made of concrete with a foam interior. Mosaicking can be done at home or by signing up for a mosaic class.

Students will need to bring a board to carry their piece home.


Coming Soon


So You Think You Can't Draw


This is a Drawing and Painting Class being offered twice a year for those that want discover the power and peace of drawing as a form of meditation. We will look at the differences in our drawing techniques using our brain’s ability to process what we see. We have a creative side and an analytical side. In this class we strengthen both sides through a series of exercises designed to give the students confidence and strong skills in their ability to draw what they see as well as express themselves creatively. This is a serious drawing class and will be limited to 10 students. Bring your own journal or sketch pad. We will also be practicing watercolor techniques. Class starts at 10 and goes to 4. Cost is $115.

Coming Soon


9:30 am - 4:30 pm




sphere photos
Image Gallery of Spheres

Garden Sphere

Garden spheresI finally figured out how to teach this class in only 2 days. I will pre-make the concrete, hollow spheres for students to purchase. This is the part that takes so much time. These two days will be spent learning to mosaic an art piece that will last for years in your garden. You will be an expert with thinset by lunch the first day. We learn basic design ideas, nipping techniques and the best adhesives to use.


Cost for the class is $240 Lab fee is determined by your choice of sphere size. Small (10") is an additional $20, large (15") is an additional $55. Class cost includes all use of tools, adhesives, grouts etc. to finish your new garden sculpture.


It is extremely helpful to have some mosaic experience before taking this class. Please consider Mosaics 101 as a good prep class or contact katherine.


As always we will potluck for lunch. I promise homemade bread.

Coming in Spring


Holiday Fused Glass

Fused Glass


Fused Glass is not only fun on its own but also a delightful addition to mosiac projects. This is an day of learning the techniques of layering glass to create full and take fused pieces that ar amazing on their own or used in an art piece.


Cost is $75 and includes tools and firings. Lab fee is determined by how crazy and prolific you are.

REFUND POLICY. At least ONE WEEK – (7 days) or more, before the first day of class:   Receive a credit minus a $25 processing fee.    6 to 4 days before the first day of class:   Receive a CREDIT towards a future class, minus a $40 processing fee.   3 days – (72 hours) or less, before the first day of class:  No refunds or credits will be given.