March 23, 24-Laurie Mika, Vintage Shoe Shrines

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Vintage Shoe Shrine.png

March 23, 24-Laurie Mika, Vintage Shoe Shrines


As always we are giddy excited about Laurie coming to our studio. Registir by sending a check written to Laurie Mika for $240 and mail to:

Katherine England. 221 N. Woods Ave. Fullerton, Ca. 92832

The inspiration for these vintage shoe shrines comes from Mexico and the Milagro encrusted art objects often found in places like San Miguel de Allende. We will focus on transforming vintage wooden shoe forms purchased in Mexico. We will cover a variety of techniques using polymer clay and silver/gold leaf to create beautifully jeweled, sculptural pieces. I will also share techniques for making your own 'milagros" (Mexican folk charms often used for healing). These unique and beautiful shoe shrines will be topped off by a crown (of course!)  that also comes from Mexico.


***$20.00 kit fee includes shoe form, crown, gold leaf, acrylic paint, glass dome and other related supplies.


Student Supply List:


4 small (2 oz) packages of either Premo or Sculpey III polymer clay-the same color.The colors don’t really end up being seen all that much, though the darker colors are easier to simulate old metal.  Make sure the clay is somewhat soft by pressing your thumb into it, if it feels rock hard, don’t buy it! Please pre-condition clay prior to class by kneading it until soft and then roll into a ball and store in a baggie.


1 small (2 oz) package of white or tan Premo or Sculpey III clay for transfers.


A rolling pin or even large diameter PVC pipe works-1.5 inches in diameter and 10-12 inches long


A small bottle of Weldbond glue (Michaels or Ace Hardware)


A one-inch paintbrush and a small detail brush


A pencil with an eraser

 A few doo-dads to embed in clay like rhinestone chain, ball chain, charms, buttons, beads, found objects, Milagros, jewelry parts, watch parts, metal findings, small glass tile, wings, crowns, halos. (see pics for ideas).

For those of you traveling I have 3 students that rent out rooms at $50/night. Contact me for contact info

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