Please let me know of future classes where you focus on teaching drawing skills.  Drawing is a skill I always wanted to learn and refine. You have a smooth calm manner when you teach it that engages everyone who is in the class.  I would love to take future workshops/classes in your lovely studio. 


Thanks, Katherine, for such a great class.  Robin and I are both inspired and are drawing and journaling like crazy.  Loved the people in the workshop, too.  Your home is a wonderland . . . like visiting a special museum with art everywhere.  Thanks for the experience and instruction.  I am determined to learn watercolor painting, which I think is the hardest medium of all because it is pretty unforgiving.  Maybe the thinking ahead, and saving out the lighter spaces is a challenge to my laziness.  Both acrylic and oil allow you to cover up your mistakes again and again.  But I love the look of the watercolor and am hoping to feel at home with it with practice.  In fact, it is calling to me right now . . .


I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had playing in the color boxes of glass.  I enjoyed the freedom to explore and the world of mosaic is certainly immense & varied.  What an inspiring location you have.  Thanks for sharing it with me. I will definitely be back, the inspiration for everyone's project and all of your beautiful works must be explored.

–Eileen L

I just wanted to thank you for a great experience! You are right, mosaics are addicting. It was a wonderful day. I appreciated your one on one help and your encouragement. You were the perfect teacher, friendly, supportive, yet still setting appropriate standards for our work.
You may very well see me in another class soon.
–Anne R.

My boys think this is the best camp ever! I have Reid’s and Thomas’ mosaics up on our wall (frog w/umbrella, Ferdinand the bull, and the wolf). They are my favorite pieces of art in my home. Thank you for doing this every year! (Summer Mosaic Camp at Kimball Art Center)
–Suzanne V.

Thank you so much for offering you time and your talent through the delightful workshop in Park City. I am the type of person who refuses to try something new without guidance. I have dreamed for many years of making a mosaic, and now my dream is realized! I cherish the memories of your teaching style and your encouragement. Thank you for putting up with my overly enthusiastic approach to a medium completely new to me. I’ve never scored glass, nor have I ever used grout, or fix it or thin set. I look forward to trying new ideas now that I have begun my journey in mosaics with your guidance. You are a beautiful person with great talent, thank you for being pure inspiration !
–Debbi Sigg

This class was simply delicious. I can’t believe what I learned in only 6 hours. Thank you for the bright light that you are.
–Barbara K

Thank you so much for all your kindness and patiences as we worked on my sculpture together. I love how you show people how to get past their fears and you make it look easy. I can’t wait to take another class.
–Stacy K.

Thanks for a great class last weekend. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday. The creativity you brought out in us is off the charts as well as the fountain of cherished informations. Looking forward to another class with you.
-Peggy S.

I am so excited to take what I learned and use it to expand my own technique and to progress onto other new methods. I loved meeting the other students and felt like we were best friends by the end of the day.
-Cathie T.

What a joy-filled day I had at your studio. I love how you invited us to ‘play’ it opened up something in me that felt complete and childlike. I haven’t felt that in decades. I am so excited for the journey I began in that class and will continue.
–Sara M.

Great, great, great class today, thank you!!! I cannot wait to come back and take another. Loved all of your pieces and I’m really inspired.
-Jenny H.

As a parent we are always searching for someone to inspire our children and now I have found you. My son is having the time of his life journaling. Everyday hew tries a new idea in his journal. I am hoping this is a lifetime habit.
–Phoebe S.